1. ODPCB – Organizational Development and Peace Constituency Building Program

Objective: Network partners are able to efficiently implement their programs towards peace-building and community development

Organizational Development is integral part of building peace constituency within and outside the network. The capacity to expand peace constituency and advocacy depends on the strength and capacity to consolidate organizations and institutions, thus, SMI will assist in institutional strengthening of partners to capacitate them in peace-building & development works.

Within the network of Sumpay Mindanao, there are about 24 NGOs and Peoples Organizations directly in partnership with the organization. These various organizations are working towards building peace and sustainable development in the troubled regions of Mindanao. By strengthening the capacities of these organizations to carry out their efforts and network with each other and with the grassroots, the peace movement can gain momentum and affect positive change from the local to the national level by building consensus within peace networks around comprehensive peace and development plans. By expanding the number of peace advocates through peace constituency building, pressure can be put on both armed groups and the government to continue searching for non-violent solutions to the conflict, while communities can become directly involved in peace building and development activities.

SUMPAY helps in the facilitation of activities to strengthen institutions that are committed to peace and reconciliation, by helping partners organizations build their capacity and develop skills that will enable them to enhance and expand their current activities.

The development of human resources, particularly, the peace-builders is one of the focus of this program. This will be through thru conducting knowledge, skills, and attitude enhancement activities for the leaders, council of elders, personnel and staff of the Peoples’ Organizations, Peace Councils, Women’s Organizations, Tribal Councils, Council of Elders, and Non-Government Organizations which are members of the network.

This program will also focus on gender and development which will ensure and recognize the participation of women in the peace process.

Activities conducted focused on training, institutional strengthening, planning workshops for integrated area development, networking, formation of peace committees/councils at the community level, and increasing coordination between organizations.

The program facilitated the formation of various specialized resource centers and Mindanao-wide sectoral organizations, like the establishment of Mindanao Tri-people Women Forum, Mindanao Tri-people Women Resource Center, Mindanao Youth Alliance for Peace, the Youth Cultural Peace Theater and Music Group.

It will also help in the formation of a Tri-people Institute for peace and development which will cater the grassroots. Establishing linkages and fostering partnership among peoples’ organizations in developing and developed countries. It anchors on the peace and development concerns that forge mutual cooperation among POs within and outside the Philippines. The partnership works on viable options that shall develop sustainable ties among peoples, like economic ventures and cultural exchange.

The establishment and strengthening of the women and youth resource centers was the priority thrust of Sumpay for the past years to facilitate the needs and campaigns of the above-mentioned sectors.


  • Facilitate the clustering of institutions per services, geographical location
  • Assist areas where no presence of NGOs or service institutions/POs
  • Develop training manuals, courses, toolkits that would respond to the specific needs of partners
  • Conduct/facilitate organizational capacity building activities (skills training, etc)
  • Institution strengthening (installation of organizational policies & systems)
  • People to people exchanges (local & international)
  • Facilitate institution formation and social movements building